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Message From: Mike &Michele Wray September 6, 2021
Please accept out donations in memory of Marty Klaus Mt Carmel

Message From: Greg Muolo December 29, 2020
My Donation to your wonderful organization is in memory of my dear cousin Michael Bucher. Rest in peace Michael

Message From: Jose Espada February 25, 2020
This is a very good program I was incarcerated in there and I was one of the trainer in there for the dogs.Those guys train them good thank you for everything y’all had done for me and made my time faster and reliable towards the dogs

Message From: Nancy Pasco September 19, 2019
We are so blessed to have found Oscar at Mommy and Me. We just love him and he is such a good boy. Oscar loves to run around and play with his inside cats and outside cats. He is really doing quite well and is loved by all that meet him.

Message From: Suzanne Donato September 16, 2019
Susie (now named Baby) is such a joy for us. She gets along so well with Angel our shih tzu. She is making gains with trust each day. Thank you Mommy and Me Rescue for our blessing to our family!

Message From: ŋɩkkɩ ŋ john January 5, 2019
wҽ aɖɷptҽɖ kaɩa abɷųt ىɩҳ ʏɾى aɠɷ ɩt waى ɧҽɾ aŋɖ ɧҽɾ pųpى aŋɖ wҽ ʆҽɭt baɖ tɧat ҽѵҽɾʏɷŋҽ waŋtҽɖ tɧҽ pųpى aŋɖ ŋɷt ɧҽɾ pɭųى ɧҽɾ back ىtɷɾʏ waى ىɷ ىaɖ ŋɷw ىɧҽ ɩى ىɷ ىpɷɩɭҽɖ aŋɖ tɧҽ bɩɠɠҽىt babʏ ɩ kŋɷw ىɧҽ ɖɷҽى ىtɩɭɭ ɧaѵҽ ʆɭaىɧ backى ɷʆ ɧҽɾ paىt wɧɩcɧ ɩى ųŋɖҽɾ cɷŋtɾɷɭ bųt ىɧҽ kŋɷwى ىɧҽ wɷŋt ҽѵҽɾ ɠɷ back tɷɷ tɧɷɷىҽ ppɭ pɭųى ىɧҽ ɧaى tɧɾҽҽ ɠɩɾɭى tɧat ىɧҽ pɾɷtҽctى aŋɖ a bʆʆ tɧat'ى ɧaɾɭҽʏ tɧҽ bųɭɭɖɷɠ ɩ. ɭɷѵҽ ɧҽɾ aŋɖ wɷųɭɖ ɟɷɧŋ aŋɖ nikki

Message From: Lil December 15, 2018
Thank you for all you do. We're so happy with mojo and glory. They give us so much happiness.

Message From: Gordon August 28, 2018
We've had Tinker for just 2 days and he's already bonding with our pack. So glad we saw him on the news last Friday. I'm in love with him already. He has a vet appt. on Sept 4th to be checked out and get him on heartworm & tick medicine. His teeth and gums look pretty good to me but we'll see what Dr. Lalovic @ Justus Vet. Clinic thinks. Thank you, Mommy & Me Rescue.

Message From: Julianne June 17, 2018
I found your organization through petfinder, when I read your story I was in tears with all that you have done and overcome. Your strength and heart are evident in the kindness you share with us all through the lives you rescue. I just want to say thank you. I don't have my baby girl yet, but look forward to becoming part of this rescue family and look at my little girls photo often, secure in the hope that she will be in my loving home soon.

Message From: (Private) March 20, 2018
Bella and I are doing wonderful. Thank you Mommy &Me rescue Jacinta Wood

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